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NEO Executive Coaching Session 3 (May 2018)

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NEO Executive Coaching Session 3 (May 2018)
by Eloise Omolida - Tuesday, 15 May 2018, 10:37 AM

Greetings from the Local Government Academy! 

As part of our continuing capacity development program for officials under the NEO Program, we will be conducting the third NEO-Executive Coaching Session entitled "Promoting Corruption-Free LGUs: Bantay-Kaagapay sa Patuloy na Pag-unlad." 

For this session, we have invited the Undersecretary for Local Government, Hon. Austere A. Panadero to impart lessons from his leadership journey as an advocate for local governance that is accountable, transparent, participative, and effective. Specifically, it will delve into the topic of anti-corruption—one of our current administration’s primary thrusts and tangential to the launch of the Department’s anti-corruption program.

The session will be held on 24 May 2018 (Thursday) at 02:00 pm, through an online classroom. Kindly send in your confirmation to on or before 21 May 2018 (Monday), for we shall be sending you the instructions on how to access the session through the Adobe Connect website and the link to the online classroom.

Should you have queries about the activity, please feel free to contact Mr. Jun Maralli, Chief of the Local Governance Training and Development Division, or Ms. Eloise Omolida, Project Officer, at (02) 634-6567, 631-3893, or 634-1183. 

Thank you and we hope to see you!