The Local Government Academy (LGA) is the premier training and development institution for capacity building towards effective and inclusive governance.

Since its formation in 1988, LGA has been committed to deliver quality programs to help local government units (LGUs) and the local government sector of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) improve their services and innovate existing initiatives to meet emerging needs.


The LGA is the premier institution that sets the standard for local governance capacity development by the year 2030.


As the LGA advance towards its vision, it upholds its commitment to:

  • Provide local government officials quality training and human resource development services
  • Develop the DILG – local government sector personnel’s competencies towards performance excellence
  • Provide partners an environment for collaborative engagements beneficial to LGA’s clients
  • Provide LGA personnel a work environment that is conducive to professional development and personal growth for the attainment of LGA’s organizational goals and objectives.


  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork


The Program for Newly-Elected Officials (NEO Program) is a continuing intervention of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) through the Local Government Academy in its commitment to provide a harmonized and holistic capacity development delivery mechanism for local governments all over the country. It is in line with the Department’s mandate to further strengthen the capability of local governments aimed towards effective and efficient delivery of basic services to the citizenry by helping NEOs effectively discharge their duties and responsibilities, as well as be able to define their development roadmaps.

The program primarily aims to enhance the capacities of LGUs, particularly of newly-elected officials as both development and economic managers who are able to operationalize their respective visions and agendas, improve their service delivery towards inclusive, resilient and sustainable growth.

The Program for NEO employs various learning approaches such as the face to face learning sessions, peer coaching, mentoring, Webinar and the Executive Coaching Sessions.

The NEO Webinar aims to enhance the competencies of local officials in carrying out their governance roles and mandates. It provides an alternative means of reaching out to the local officials other than the traditional face-to-face training methodology.

It provides local officials with solid understanding on the basic principles and tools of developing a sustainable and inclusive LGU plans and programs that will enhance their capacities in managing their respective LGU.

Good Local GOVERNANCE 101

Ongoing Course

Ongoing Course

Ongoing Course

Ongoing Course

Local Climate Change Action Plan

Lesson 1: Climate Adaption and Mitigation

Lesson 2: Stakeholder Engagement and Climate Assessment

Lesson 3: Prioritizing, Budgeting and Monitoring

Learning Reflection

Health Governance

Lesson 1: Health Leadership and Governance

Lesson 2: Health Workers and Facilities

Lesson 3: Health Financing

Lesson 4: Health Information System

Learning Reflection

Public-Private Partnership in Local Government

Lesson 1: PPP and the LGU Mandate

Lesson 2: Elements and Benefits of PPP

Lesson 3: Implementing a PPP

Learning Reflection

Basic of Strategic Management

Lesson 1: Analyze

Lesson 2: Strategy and Goal Setting

Lesson 3: Implementing of Plans

Learning Reflection