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Program for Newly Elected Officials

The Newly Elected Officials (NEO) Program is a continuing program of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG), implemented through the Local Government Academy (LGA) the training arm of the DILG.

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The NEO is a flagship program of the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) to prepare and develop the capacities of newly-elected local officials. It is spearheaded by the Local Government Academy (LGA) in partnership with the leagues of local governments, national government agencies, civil society organizations and local resource institutions.

The Program for Newly Elected Officials (Program for NEOs) prepares the NEO in fulfilling their tasks and responsibilities as leaders of the community. It helps transform their vision and agenda into concrete actions – programs, projects, and initiatives.

A continuing program of the Department of the Interior and Local Government through the Local Government Academy, the Program for NEOs is a complete innovative package of education, training, and support services for local government units.

The 2022 program primarily aims to develop newly elected officials to be strategic leaders who will guide their local governments towards being more competitive, efficient, and responsive development institutions.

Anchored on the six (6) LGU Capacity Pillars i.e., Structure, Competency, Leadership, Management Systems, Enabling Policies and Knowledge and Learning, the program envisions to contribute to better quality of life among constituents of local governments as a result of improved leadership and decision-making skills of the newly-elected officials.

THELMA VECINA Executive Director | LGA
EDUARDO M. AÑO Former Secretary | DILG

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